To card reveal 4.7 million users for its potential


(Card) confirmed Sunday that four million and 700 thousand people using their right now, indicating that it is seeking to expand its activities in different countries where there are branches of the Rafidain Bank.

So consider the Rafidain Bank and retire to the company card reduced corruption "salaries and contributed to detect" aliens ", although they admitted the existence of" problems "facing the work.

The Director of information technology at the international company for smart card (card) Ammar Jabbar, told the (over), "paydays through smart card from the bundled services offered by the company, the company has a big package of new services that will be launched in a single package.

Jabbar added that among other services launched by the company in the Premier's Office, birth and death certificates service ", noting that the company plans to launch an electronic service for retirement and Exchange Automation automate many services that rely on smart card