Change: Citizens of the region have tasted the woes because Abadi policies and Mjamlath Barzani
[Oan- Baghdad]
called MP for the mass change Hoshyar Abdullah Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to express their good intentions towards the people of the Kurdistan region in deeds rather than words and tips for election propaganda being exceeding early
Abdullah said in a statement today the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that " the citizens of the Kurdistan region have tasted the woes because Abadi policies through which flattering [Massoud] Barzani and his party, has long demanded Abadi through demonstrations to meet their legitimate demands and the most important of their salaries and benefits but unfortunately instead of moving to cut off the road on the territory of oil smuggling preferably on a permanent agreement with the Kurdistan Democratic party at the expense of the interests of the people who paid the price for these courtesies
He said Abdullah, said that Abadi keep quiet when he got a coup against the government of the Kurdistan region and did not open his mouth with a letter when it was disabled the province's parliament and despite knowing that Barzani remained in office by force and without a legitimate cover it speaks to him as head of the territory and deal with him as if nothing had happened "he said.
He said , Abadi is directly responsible for everything that is happening in the region of violations and illegal practices, and deals with the powers in the region in accordance with the alignments of party standards and political interests and put them above all national considerations so his comments and advice will remain just words Nothingness her on the ground , and as long as he insists on the stand by the power of illegal people are in the region of Kurdistan will be seen as an ally of this power and unworthy to meet their aspirations and return the rights to it , "he said.