Anbar Council demanding the liberation of the western regions

30-04-2017 05:07 PM

Student Council of Anbar province, Sunday, starting with the western regions of edits in Western Province, pointing out that hundreds of families detained terrorist organization ISIS Western Anbar.

And Mohamed Yassin said that "areas and about weraoh and controlled by organizing terrorist ISIS still there hundreds of civilian families which are held hostage by the ISIS human shields and prevents anyone from getting out of their homes at gunpoint and killed dozens of innocent people by attempting to escape from their areas.

"The Security Cabinet confirmed Western liberation battles starting after completion of the cleansing Mosul but need western areas of investigative battles start now and finish ISIS elements existed in those areas."

Yassin noted that organizing ISIS besieged Western regions and prevent its people escape three years ago with the capture of State services and security centers in early 2014 and yet still under the grip of terrorism and control existing port and the border between Iraq and Syria.