The Basra operations effected local defense plan to protect the oil installations

2017/4/30 13:57

[In Baghdad]

The Basra operational command implemented the practice of local defense plan to protect the oil installations in the responsibility, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of internal security Mohamed Badr Group Federal, representative, Minister of oil, General Manager of SOC and SOC police Director.

The Defense Ministry statement said each agency receives Iraq [where] copy the pieces to be the southern oil Police Directorate and SWAT Commando Brigade Brigade command of Basra operations based in northern province and directly by the Iraqi army for flying stand on readiness of the units charged with protecting oil fields to the highest standard of ability, efficiency and agility.

The Commander of Basra operations Lieutenant General Jamil Al-shammari said that "this exercise is not the first and won't be the last we have constant readiness to protect the Iraqi economy and oil installations that form a larger weight to financial and economic resources of Iraq."