Minister of Defense: 35% left to right handed and full liberalization only a matter of time

2017/4/30 13:11

[In Baghdad]

The Defense Minister, Irfan alhayaly, 35% the rest is an editor on the right side of Mosul.

And it came during a visit with a number of leaders Presidium member fields, Aram Sheikh Mohamed.

According to a statement by the Office of the Deputy Prime alberlaman each agency receives Iraq [where] a copy, that the Defense Secretary gave a brief explanation of "the most important military events on the right side," adding "that life was back to normal form on the left coast, the Iraqi forces they have high spirits and are doing all they can to secure the lives of the people of the city and protect their lives even if prolonged military operations, the first target free land and preserve the lives of civilians."

Alhayaly said, "the rest is only 35% percentage of the coast waldwaash right now trapped and holed up inside the houses in ancient alleys and fully release the connector case is not only a matter of time."

The two sides also reviewed "developments on the ground and ongoing battles and military in Mosul left coast and provides security forces to free the rest of areas."

Mohamed Sheikh explained that "the ambassadors of friendly countries and the international community in General to follow what's going on today events and field developments on the battlefield," appreciating "the considerable efforts of the Ministry of defence and the size of the sacrifices of fighters who are defending champions today from home with courage and Valour".

"Full House support and support for Iraqi forces in various military divisions, and stressed the need to preserve the lives of civilians during battles and enable exit safely and providing assistance to displaced persons."