The Nineveh Council: launch of 18 conservative staff salary at once except education and health

2017-04-29 at 14:07

Baghdad Mu Zein news

Nineveh, the Council announced Saturday the launch of 18 monthly salary for staff in the province except for education and health.

Board member behind the balance of news/iron, that "employees of Nineveh in municipalities, electricity and other astmlwa their salary for 18 months at once.

Iron said, that "the process of paying salaries excluded health and education officials estimated ranks by the thousands," calling on the Federal Government to "expedite the release the rest of the payroll for health and education".

He noted that "employee and citizen addictions need those funds which are of their entitlement to return to normal life."

He stressed that "Mosul University staff also did not receive their salary until the moment," Noting that "there is a reluctance in the distribution of salaries due to the necessity of obtaining security clearances."