Integrity: assignment of the corrupt to prisons is not our responsibility

2017-04-29 at 11:50

Baghdad scales news

The integrity Commission announced, Saturday, it is not responsible for the assignment corruption files owners prisons.

President said in a speech while attending the University of Ahl al-Bayt, the Governor of Karbala, "some of the major issues involved in junior and billions more large whales and that the fight against corruption are not towards media but on evidence and documents proving he's involved."

Revealing "dossiers ministries including the Ministry of electricity, the Iraqi Trade Bank, education, industry and others to eliminate and eradicate huh Faisal on the evidence that we have satisfied or not satisfied."

He noted that "integrity is responsible for referring the prison files involved," he explained, "we need to stop real from clergy and men with body integrity platforms to raise awareness in society of the seriousness of corruption because the voice platforms stronger conferences."