Department of transportation suspended its decision to inspect air cargo planes flying to Kurdistan from Baghdad

April 28, 2017

The Iraqi Ministry of transport and communications stopped working air cargo inspection resolution to Kurdistan in Baghdad.

Transportation and Communications Minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government, born in comments to Murat Paveh veil krdihan media to suspend the decision regarding Kurdistan which must inspect air cargo planes flying to the territory in Baghdad, explaining that the decision one day and cancelled where aircraft can land directly in Kurdistan and empty their loads.

The Iraqi civil aviation authority issued a decision falling all cargo flights coming into Iraq at Baghdad international airport for inspection before heading to other airports, including flights to Kurdistan, which was supposed to come into effect on the first of May next.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Committee on transport in the parliamentary services Committee just piston with Iraqi Transport Minister Kazim Erythema Cup fallout the previous decision to judge civil aviation authority falling all cargo flights flying to Iraq in Baghdad international airport for inspection and the negative consequences of this decision and the economic fallout, adding that civil aviation authority decided a book by her former rescind about falling all flights to Iraq in Baghdad international airport before heading to other airports.