Khallati: Basra law facilitates access to financial dues and leads to comprehensive development

Date of release: 2017/4/27 21:05 52 times read

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The MP from the province of Basra on the mass of citizen Hassan Khalati, said the law of Basra, Iraq's economic capital will facilitate access to the benefits of the financial province of the government.

"The law of Basra, the economic capital of Iraq, has remained closed over the past years. In this session, we exerted great efforts to present the draft as it stands. We have had the challenge of the financial crisis and the provisions of the law require that there be a vision for the Council of Ministers," Khallati told Al-Furat News. "He said.

He pointed out that "Basra has become an economic capital and this is not a moral framework, but is a law guaranteed economic development and the development of comprehensive development," noting that "After the formulation of the law in a manner that does not have financial consequences, the first axis of which is that Basra with its administrative borders, economic capital and this attracts companies Global Investment in Basra ".

He explained that "the second step that we started after the adoption of the law, is the activation of Article 5 in the law, in light of which will form the Council of Ministers in coordination with the local government high committee to implement and issue instructions and controls necessary to implement the law, and will form a committee to benefit from the experiences of countries that have economic capitals" .

"The law in itself is a developmental leap and the overall development of the province.
The economic and financial resources necessary to implement this law to pay amounts owed to the Iraqi government up to 15 billion dollars, and our claims are continuing to disbursement of funds for the implementation of projects."

"This law will make it easier to get money and the aim of the law is to activate investments, create jobs and move to the mobile economy," he said. "When Basra is a capital, it requires the completion of the first lot of government. The government to start releasing Basra funds. "

Khalati said that "the law provides for the establishment of free trade zones and a body to manage these areas in coordination with the National Investment Authority, and in light of that we will turn from the issue of funds consumed to the funds being prepared in this city and a group of development areas to invest money."

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted in its meeting today on the draft law of Basra, Iraq's economic capital in order to develop and strengthen the Iraqi economic reality and to bring about comprehensive economic development and improve the standard of living and service of citizens.

The head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim has called for making the province of Basra, Iraq's economic capital, and urged the citizen's bloc to work to legislate a law in this regard, which responded in turn to the invitation of Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and drafted and submitted to the House of Representatives.