The rule of law: the Electoral Commission a chance to keep more of the sacked
at 10:59 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
He said State of Law bloc, on Thursday that the chance of survival of the biggest election commission of sacked despite the lack of conviction after questioning the answers
The MP said the bloc's Abdul Ilah Naieli / scales News /, the questioning of the Electoral Commission at this stage after four years on the last election targeting political and Astaheda the political process as a whole."
We are with the survival of the Electoral Commission until the completion of the upcoming elections he said, adding that the survival of the biggest chance of the Electoral Commission sacked
He noted that the Committee of Experts will begin to change the Board of Commissioners of the Commission's nine members are likely to be covered by the change and nominate replacements for them."
And between, The change of the election commission as a whole is unacceptable and we are on the threshold of a new phase of the elections and the end of its work in the next September explaining that disable the work of the Commission may postpone the holding of provincial elections
It is worth mentioning that the parliament voted not convinced after the Electoral Commission with answers questioning Chairman and the Board of Commissioners
The questioner began MP Magda Tamimi of the Commission to collect signatures for a parliamentary vote on the dismissal Mufodah