The United Nations calls on Turkey to respect Iraq's sovereignty


The United Nations expressed concern about strikes by Turkish forces to northern Iraq Sinjar area, inviting Turkey to respect Iraqi sovereignty.

Channel "Russia today" from the spokesperson Organization Secretary General Stephane dujaric, saying at a news conference Wednesday evening, saying "we are very concerned about this incident and express our condolences to the victims ' families, we understand the interest of Member States in United Nations security issues, but we remind them of their obligations under the Charter of the Organization, which demands full respect for the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and non-interference in the internal affairs of other States."

Diogarik called "the Governments of Turkey and Iraq to hold consultations on all topics of concern and anxiety involved."

The Turkish army announced that military aviation, Dawn Tuesday, RAID sites to PKK militants and affiliated organizations in Sinjar in northern Iraq and mount korgokh (Kara chowk), Northeastern Syria, he said.

The army claimed that the areas targeted by the raids turned into "nests of terrorism", "terrorist" attacks killing and injuring civilians, soldiers and security personnel.
In turn, the spokesman "protect the people" ridor Khalil Kurdish, Turkish strikes in Syria, that the outcome of the raids on mountain korgokh of 20 dead and 18 wounded.