Internal Inspectorate: prevent waste of more than 270 million JD 350 revealed an administrative and financial corruption case last month.

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 11:10:30

Invigorate committees managed the Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry of refunds to the State budget and prevent waste of more than 270 million dinars during the month of March.

According to a report by the Division of planning and follow up in the Office of the Inspector General for the month last March: "the Department of audit and financial control in internal inspectorate managed to prevent wasting amount of 197,720,500 dinars and recommended 62,722,558 re 12,191,596 re DT DT into state coffers, as checked during that month 12 contracts and showed her mind b 130 case and investigative boards and pursued 21 contracts within the investment plan for the Ministry and 59 contracts under its operational plan and checked in the context of internal oversight treatment 184.".

In the area of inspection, the report pointed to Baghdad's Inspectorate of discover 164 administrative and financial corruption in the joints of the Ministry in Baghdad, and administrative corruption indicators detected 98 neglected, and 35 State of counterfeiting and 13 functional exploited and 3 cases of abuse of authority, while financial corruption indicators 6 instances of bribery and embezzlement cases and 3 cases of waste of public money and cases of theft and hide one material ".

The report alluded to "discover the provincial inspectorate 160 administrative corruption and 19 financial corruption, corruption indicators were detected 133 neglected and 12 functional exploited and 8 cases of abuse of authority and 7 cases of fraudulent financial corruption indicators were 13 waste of public money and 3 conceal materials and cases of theft and embezzlement case one too."

In the legal field report stated that "the investigations and legal department had opened during the first quarter of 2017 (112) Investigative Committee and board the number of committees and councils rotator from previous years 382 municipalities and the Commission has been able to accomplish and 277 Directorate remains the other 217 in progress, and the Directorate during the month checking study document 2201 discovered 4.".

The report pointed out that "how objects of human rights of the Inspector General's Office visited 42 month position subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior to determine the application of human rights standards with detainees, and carried out inspection activity 91 on administrative profiles as well as foreign visits and coordination with international organizations and relevant civil society organizations, where the report referred to the human rights Directorate received 27 complaints during the month and inquired about the fate of the 35 missing and discovered four breaches in the positions of the Ministry and threw 13 educational lecture And guidelines on attitudes and Commissioners. ".