Central Bank warns of fake foreign sheets trading


The CBI warned Thursday of having fake foreign securities, traded between spirited, denying Iraqi banks are treated with these cards.

The Central Bank said in a statement, received a copy of "news," the Central Bank in recent years, foreign banknotes trading noted for some States, some friendly, some real lugged from trading. "

He added that "some foreign papers forged by some spirited of outlaws, for the purpose of fraud to citizens through lure them to replace them with Iraqi dinars more than their true value.

He pointed out that "spirited using pretexts and allegations that replace money constitutes them big gains and rare opportunities for investment", adding that "these (the outlaws), they don't have enough time to use normal means".

"Some of these papers may be transferable according to the instructions window, except that the banks operating in Iraq as well as Iraqi Central Bank don't deal with it."

The CBI called "public security and regulatory agencies in pursuing these things and non specialized handle those banknotes", stressing the "need to focus on Iraqi banknotes and those that deal with the Central Bank and the banking system to avoid falling into the hands of outlaws".