International Development Bank discuss with Lebanon Bank to strengthen cooperation


Economy news Baghdad:

International Development Bank President, Ziad Khalaf Abed with the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh potential business partnerships between Iraqi and Lebanese banks.

International Development Bank said in a press release received a copy of "news", "International Development Bank Chairman Ziad Khalaf Abd He met the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh mayoral office in Beirut, "stressing that" during the meeting they discussed the extent to which the Lebanese banks to support Iraqi banks to overcome the difficulties concerning trade financing and transfer ".

Meanwhile, the statement quoted the Chairman of the International Development Bank, saying, "it was also discussed ways of cooperation through strategic partnerships between Iraqi and Lebanese banks to be multidirectional roadmap."

"We all strive towards growth and prosperity and the difficult crisis and reflect confidence in Iraqi banks despite troubled local and regional challenges", noting that "we want to promote the exchange of experiences between the parties and coordinate joint activities and take advantage of opportunities."