The arrival of 43 tons of clothing to Iraq


Economy news Baghdad:

Syrian exporters Association President, Mohamed tourists Wednesday, the arrival of a plane carrying 43 tons of clothing into Iraq from Syria.

Tourists said, "it was running third toward the Iraqi market carrying 43 tons of clothing such as the implementation of the contracts signed by Iraqi merchants with Syrian manufacturers during the siriamod exhibition held recently in Damascus."

"Big government support to ship goods led to a radar sector recovered significantly where radar sector exports doubled, and the contract was installed by businessmen who attended siriamod and export goods fair", noting that "there is a fourth cargo plane will Wednesday loaded with clothing to Iraq

Between the businessman Hussein Haidar to Iraqi market vibrant Syrian goods returned, after he noticed the rise of textile industry in Syria recently, after touching the speed at the airfreight operations, noting that it was about two weeks ago in Damascus, and now returned to complete contracts signed