The most prominent Council of Ministers' decisions today
[Baghdad Wayne]
The cabinet held its regular meeting on Tuesday , April 25, 2017 , headed by Dr. Haider al - Abadi
During the meeting , informed the Council of Ministers on the progress of the battle to liberate the right side of Nineveh in addition to the report on the preparation of the displaced and the measures taken to provide services to them.

The Cabinet also discussed the Turkish air strike , where the Council of Ministers condemned the Turkish air attack on Iraqi territory in the Sinjar area, which caused the occurrence of Iraqi victims and represent a serious violation of Iraqi sovereignty is incompatible with the provisions of international law and the principles of good neighborliness.

The Iraqi government warns Turkey to repeat this overshoot is unjustified and which could lead to escalation steps affecting the efforts of Iraq and the international community in the war against terrorism.

It was also the first vote on the draft amendment to the law of the amnesty law.

Later , the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 59 included the development of 430 degrees and careers for employees of the Wasit thermal station cabinet decided to approve the establishment of the Ministry of Finance and the development of 287 degrees and functional installation of outstanding contractors in the production, transport and distribution sectors affiliated to the Ministry of Electricity for their contribution to seamlessly in the return of power to the province of Nineveh provided that trade - offs are adhered standards.

As it has been the approval of the allocation for the purpose of completing Granaries metal project in Shatra from the contingency reserve allocations and inflicted Karbala metal silo.

There was discussion of the subject properties General Company Central Markets processors and take advantage of them were taken guidance in this regard.

It was formed as a government committee to assess the real need of the electricity consumed in the various state departments and mechanisms to stop wastage.

It was approved to secure financial liquidity to assign hospitals in the city of Basra Hospital and Medical Specialist for children and treatment of cancer diseases.

The Council adopted a decision to implement the Social Protection Act No. 11 of 2014 in the liberated provinces have

also been discussed to facilitate lending to industrial, agricultural and residential projects and measures introduced the report of the Ministry of Oil to extinguish the oil wells.