Iraq calls its branches to deduct the monthly installments of borrowers staff
Economy News _ Baghdad: Last updated 25/04/2017
- 13:27
It called on the Rafidain Bank, on Tuesday branches in Baghdad and the provinces daily follow-up to the ministries and state institutions to repay the amounts of loans and advances granted to their employees by the bank.

He said the media office of the bank in a statement, "Economy News" received a copy of it, that the bank is the face of its branches audited the ongoing follow-up to the departments of State, which grants its staff loans and advances and telling them to deduct these premiums from borrowers' salaries and borrowers Almtlkian or their sponsors in the event did not pay the money from the borrower, He pointed out that this move is to maintain public money.

The Rafidain Bank began during the year 2016 to grant advances to employees' salaries of $ 10 and not more than 10 million dinars and within the specific conditions and mechanisms.