Peanuts underlines the need for awareness and an active control system for overcoming corruption

2017-04-25 at 16:54

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Agency (Reuters), meet the peanuts on the steps of a revolution against corruption in the Department of Commerce when he was an honest man addresses the Ministry's reins in 2015.

Global agency said that two years ago was corruption rife in Iraq wheat purchase program so that the terrorists organize ISIS Genoa money from smuggling the commodity strategy across the border with Syria amid suspicions of involvement before the advent of Trade Ministry officials.

The Sudanese say who supervised the campaign which targeted smuggling network for Reuters that the Ministry announced new measures to fight corruption and everyone knows she's responsible for food security in Iraq, adding, still has a long way to be able to overcome the problem that seem rooted.

And inform the Minister of labour and Social Affairs is currently the engineer Mohamed (Reuters) during the interview directly with him, "we need to educate people from school children about the risks of corruption in order to create a society that rejects this phenomenon."

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi had promised the people and Parliament to address corruption and decisively.

Local observers believed that the problem in the Commerce Department a daunting task even though the Ministry recently imposed regulations to provide funds to suppliers in batches to prevent any secret deals.

Sudanese Minister says that real change will come only if there is a complete change of tender system lead to cancel the fictitious companies made illicit deals.

And he adds, bugs in the bidding system is relying on specialized companies and sober. Inappropriate companies. Large companies are known. There is a dependence on intermediaries.

"There were general managers involved. Even the employee who takes the sample from the ship takes bribes. "

And remember that smugglers enter 600, 000 tons of wheat towards Romanian and Ukrainian into Iraq from Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the local crop and sold to the State with charging as well.

Sudanese States that regulate terrorist ISIS also participated in such corruption, assuring a long reluctant suspicion that this organization smuggled wheat from Syria to the Iraqi buyers.

According to statistics, the Organization of smuggling about 180 thousand tons to work with Iraqi merchants and wheat were stored in silos in Anbar province and in Babylon and Abu Ghraib.

He said that trade Ministry officials were accused of helping organize the sale of wheat and supplying information to terrorists attacked elements of the silo was under investigation by the authorities on illegal deliveries, "said two managers just submitted for investigation and repair. Each package and others fined. ".

Sudanese talked about having a working system was not subject to an appropriate inspection since 2003, which made them vulnerable to corruption, pointing to the discovery of 49 thousand people are actually dead but still enrolled (mean ration system), as well as discover people born in 1887 and are still registered.

Iraq is one of the largest importers of wheat and rice because of rising consumption due to steady population growth llara Yin