Basra's fictional profit-generating project speaks on Iraq


Economy news _ Basra:

Oil and gas Committee Chief in Basra on shaddad musketeer, Tuesday, the oil Ministry announced its readiness to adopt draft (beacon) for the petrochemical industry Ministry plans to his residence, revealing that the Ministry of industry has so far failed to provide the ingredients for success of the project despite the participation of local government in Basra by 20% of the total value.

Knight said in a press release received the news, economy "project beacon is a global petrochemical complex, it is hoped that the Ministry of industry building in Basra where profits will reach more than (100) billion dollars as well as providing more than 8 different jobs in the first phase.

Industry Minister called to approve the transfer of project management to the Ministry of oil that possess the ingredients to success, select fixed proportion to the Ministry of industry to accelerate its implementation, "he said, adding that" discussions with the Dutch Shell chosen to implement the project is still going on for three years without reaching a final agreement on the project.

Knight said that "local government in Basra has provided land for the project and announced a share of 20% of the total value, indicating that its delay will damage on Iraq in General and in Basra in particular.