The Central Bank for the economy "news": no fear on salaries in Enterprise localize salaries


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The Central Bank announced Monday the successful resettlement of the salaries of his employees at banks, saying it would be held to any bank fail to distribute employee salaries.

Payment service manager said at the Central Bank, Abdul Karim sacrificed in the interview for "economy", "the draft settlement of salaries called by Cabinet applied recommended taking into account as much importance by the Central Bank of Iraq", stating that "the Central Bank first to pay staff localization project dish and prospered.

Abdul Karim added that "the CBI took big guarantees from banks for payroll localization project and will hold any bank fail to distribute employee salaries", noting that "no fear on salaries in Enterprise localize salaries."

Abdelkarim affirmed that "choice ministries to banks based on criteria set by the Central Bank of Iraq in this project and each is free to choose for banks set by the Central Bank.

Localization process banks defined payroll is the process of converting staff salaries with private or public of manual payroll is received from their constituencies that are received from the banks and State banks or civil war through a special account opened in the bank employee and dragging him by the electronic payment card.