The latest developments in security today

2017/04/24 15:36

A security source said Monday, federal police forces artillery shelled locations to regulate ISIS in Bab detection in the old connector on the left side of the city, with four rockets landed carrying toxic gases in Southwest Tal Afar.

Wavadmsdr, Federal Police artillery bombarded locations displayed is flag in his shop door detection in Mosul's old city center that is still under the control of the Organization of ISIS in old Mosul, indicating that there were civilian casualties.

The source said that four rockets carry toxic gases "chlorine" fell near the headquarters of the Allah party battalions "of the popular crowd in the village named horse Southwest spend Tal Afar West of Mosul, without causing casualties.

Local residents said that one of the domes of the Grand Mosque of Al-Nuri in Mosul and outer fence of the whole affected fall mortar shells fired by the Federal Police, with residents denied humpback Lighthouse fall news and is known for the minaret mosque in old Mosul.

Federal Police have arrested as one of the elements of the Organization of ISIS near the local administration in Bab Sinjar Northwest of Mosul.

Another security source had revealed earlier, about 300 more people access to one of the two forces at Al-Kazak region of sand West of Mosul, after fleeing villages ' father argued, the farm, altmarat, quail Hill. "

Joint security forces started Coalition-backed popular crowd participation in 19 of last month a military operation to restore the right side from Mosul to take out his last stronghold of ISIS organization in the city, having regained the left side completely on 24 January.