Deputy Electoral Commission are "corrupt and fraudulent" and complained about the United Nations


Magda Tamimi, Deputy lifted Monday, complained to the electoral assistance team to the United Nations Office in Iraq, saying she had evidence to prove "non-neutral" deception and fraud "," considered that UNHCR based on quotas and survival means more decline in the State.

Tamimi said in a complaint entitled to, Amir Arain, the electoral assistance team leader for the United Nations Office in Iraq, "we have evidence of proven impartiality and independence of the Election Commission and rigged elections, as well as administrative and financial corruption."

She added that "the Electoral Commission did not apply the United Nations standards in many procedures," prompting United Nations Office with "a greater role in monitoring and supporting the requirement for all Iraqi people marking bugs that led to the confidence of Iraqis in the electoral process."

Tamimi warned that "this Commission based quotas means more undone economically and security at all levels, its lack reason and the Law Commission to allow access by a large percentage who do not possess the competence and integrity to Parliament and provincial councils, government posts to reflect negatively on the performance of the entire State."

He was Deputy from the liberal parliamentary block ghazwan alshabany called, Sunday (16 April 2017), the House of representatives of the legislative and regulatory role in line with the desire of the people, and considered that the removal of members of the Election Commission to cut the door to political forces that want to achieve "private ends" and restore confidence in the Board, noted that the overall change of the Iraqi situation begins to escape from the members of the Commission.

Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr called Friday (24 March 2017), Iraqis not to vote for as "corrupt" in the upcoming elections, threatened to boycott the elections if the Electoral Commission and law remain unchanged.