Abtan assures the importance of continued cooperation with UN responsible leadership and strategic planning

2017/4/24 14:45

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Youth and sport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan need continuous cooperation in the area of leadership and strategic planning in the management of State institutions.

The Transport Ministry statement quoted received {Euphrates news} copy today about abtan said during his reception, today in the Library Director of the United Nations Institute for training and research in the Japanese city of Hiroshima, Kumamoto, mihoko "Ministry of youth and sports is ready to open all the prospects for cooperation with the Institute for specialized projects and courses in leadership and strategic planning Department of State institutions."

"We seek to find competent trainers to entrap them in training courses in institutions of the Ministry or out of Iraq so they can transfer their experience in leadership and management for all staff or young people whether they are in sports universities and institutions and civil society organizations.

For his part the Director crossed mihoko Kumamoto "gratitude and appreciation for the Ministry of youth and sports of great cooperation by opening all its institutions in front of the Institute for a number of courses and training and research projects.

Abtan gave at the conclusion of the meeting, "the Ministry's delegation's shield in recognition for his efforts in the service of youth and sports".