The parliamentary Finance: is there any basis for clear information on amounts of war on ISIS

22/04/2017 10:19 | Hits: 642


The parliamentary Finance Committee member denied Husam, punitive news that talks about the financial cost of the war on ISIS and reconstruction of liberated areas and 70 billion dollars, according to media sources.

In an interview for "and" direction "added 70 billion dollars and eighty-five trillion dinars," adding that "this year's State budget," pointing out that "these remarks are inaccurate."

With regard to external borrowing and punitive explained that "financial crunch and falling oil prices in the global market behind the process of borrowing for Iraq," Noting that "these reasons influenced the decline of the Iraqi currency reserve."

"The rise of oil prices in the world market will get better gradually," pointing out that "this could be the year 2017 will be Government needs to borrow".