Economy News published instructions for the release of receivables contractors

Views Date 21/04/2017 - 20:08

Economy News _ Baghdad:

The Central Bank of Iraq on Friday issued instructions to the public treasury bonds for the release of contractors' receivables.

According to a statement to the media office of the bank received "Economy News" a copy of it, the instructions included the following:

1- Bring personal documents in two colors in case the contractor (natural or legal)

2 - For companies requires the following:

(A) To bring the minutes of the company meeting stating the name of the authorized director and the name of the full company (current).

B - Bring the company registration book with the Registrar of Companies in the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce certified for the year 2016 and above.

In case the company is Arab or foreign in addition to the above mentioned paragraphs (a, b), the authorization shall be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the two Iraqi states and the concerned countries, as well as stamped by the Iraqi Embassy in the countries concerned for the 2016 renewal of 2017.

(D) The personal documents of the authorized director or his passport and the stamp of the company.

3. The forms and documents of the contractors shall be handed over to the authorized director and in the case of the fact that the agency is responsible for the receipt of the bonds and certified by the notary public 2017.

4. The contractor signed a written undertaking to the Central Bank of Iraq that there are no obligations on it from the government banks.

5 - The contractors' review of the Central Bank of Iraq to receive forms for the grant of bonds according to the lists to be published on the site of the Central Bank of Iraq and according to the dates so contractors should follow this website

6. The contractors and banks that have debited the bonds will be provided after a period of receipt of the forms.

7. If there is an obligation on the contractor to the three government banks (Rafidain / Rashid / Iraqi Trade Bank), the contractor's forms shall be referred to the concerned bank.

8. If there is no obligation on the contractor, the forms will be referred to a government bank for the purpose of the discount in case the contractor wishes to deduct the bonds. If the contractor does not wish to deduct the bond, the bond will be given to the contractor.

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