Open trade topping the IMF's discussions in Washington.
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Thread: Open trade topping the IMF's discussions in Washington.

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    Open trade topping the IMF's discussions in Washington.

    Open trade topping the IMF's discussions in Washington.


    This morning, met with senior financial officers in the world in Washington, d.c. in an effort to push the policies of the host country, which is still under development away from trade protectionism and to show broad support for open trade and integration.

    According to Reuters, that lays spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank's 189-Member constituent members in confrontation with the agenda of President Donald Trump who spearheaded by the slogan "America first," where they hold meetings just two blocks from the White House.

    Domenico Lombardi said former IMF official who is now with the Center for international governance innovation is a Canadian research institution that these meetings will be all about Trump and the effects of his policies on the international agenda, adding that IMF Director Christine Lagarde aims to engage the new administration at the Fund's agenda and influence the management options in various policies.

    The IMF issued warnings of plans for Trump to shrink the US trade deficit through possible actions to restrict imports, saying in its latest economic forecast that trade protection policies will negatively affect global growth is gaining momentum.

    And attacks the current Trump administration officials that warnings saying that other States were more protagonism trade protection of the United States, and promised to soften the financial controls that Trump was adopted in the United States the impact of the global financial crisis in 2008, and in return the IMF confirms that such action "would increase the possibility of" future financial firestorm.

    So, the second-highest executive in the World Bank to manage American President Donald Trump will work to the disadvantage of her flying slogan "America first," If the United States is to diminish the role of leadership in multilateral institutions including the World Bank.

    Kristalina Georgieva, said Director General of the World Bank, to her meetings with officials of the Department of Trump so far did not reveal any desire to withdraw from multilateral institutions, adding during a forum at the beginning of the spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank: "I didn't hear them is never say we want."

    And proposal management Trump which is known as "meager budget to slash funding for multilateral development banks including the World Bank rose 650 million dollars over three years compared to the commitments undertaken by the previous administration of President Barack Obama.

    However, the US Congress is the final decision on spending levels in the fiscal year ending October 1 (October), not the White House.

    According to the budget shows that Georgieva American Administration appreciates its place in institutions.

    The United States is the largest shareholder in the World Bank until now holds about 17 percent of the voting power, saying during a meeting with the Bretton Woods Committee to ignore your prestige in institutions where your voice is touching and very important is not consistent with the logo of America first. "

    World Bank financing was probably not a top priority in the new Administration's many asserting that the Bank relies on self-financing in many respects.

    She drew Georgieva, that one of the reasons that it considers will manage Trump to maintain its role in the World Bank's work to stabilize the war-torn regions and United States interests.

    Georgieva, said: "we are in Iraq and Afghanistan. We hope to be in Syria one day, these places need investments in order to stabilize. I don't know how it could damage any of our shareholders that the world be more stable ".


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    Re: Open trade topping the IMF's discussions in Washington.

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