Parliamentary economy: Some beneficiaries and corrupt people are trying to hit the electricity privatization project

18/04/2017 11:06 | Number of readings:

Direction Press / Special

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Borhan Mamouri, today, the privatization project adopted by the Ministry of Electricity is a strategic plan successful and professional to resolve the crisis of lack of energy processing in the country.

Al-Maamouri said in an interview with Al-Tijah that the privatization project in the Ministry of Electricity is supportive of the private sector and investment, which is urged by the government and the parliament, provided that it does not harm the citizen and burdens him.

He added that the presence of some of the abusers or corrupt who try to hit the projects of the Ministry of Electricity for personal benefits led to generate a sense of the citizen that the project is unsuccessful and unsuccessful.

On April 16, 2017, a member of the Oil and Energy Committee, Rep. Razak Muhaibis, announced the signing of 53 signatures to host the Minister of Electricity Qassem Al-Fahdawi. He was likely to be questioned in the House of Representatives over the privatization of electricity and the new energy pricing. "Every force" to dismiss him.