The industry has doubled production capacity fertilizer plant


Economy news _ Baghdad:

The fertilizer industry company began in Basra a Ministry of industry and minerals, run the first line after completion rehabilitation sterilizer (1150) tons a day, to double the production capacity of the plant to become (2300) tons per day of urea for the first and second lines.

The company said in a statement, Abbas Ali Fawzi "the economy news received a copy of it to the company worked on the rehabilitation of the first and second lines for the last two years, involving rehabilitation maintenance and add new equipment cards up to 130% of the design capacity of the equipment, as well as an underground cooling systems and units towers and urea and ammonia unit being rehabilitated.

He noted that the company is in the process of completing the work of rehabilitation of the first line after the installation and qualification of all equipment and cooling water systems, the total energy is scheduled to arrive for the first and second lines of (600 to 700) thousand tons per year during the last quarter of this year to cover the Iraqi market needs of urea.

He explained that a future plan to upgrade the fertilizer industry and examine a number of offers from international companies to invest and create a new line for the production of urea card (2000) tonnes per day and create a new line for the production of fertilizers (DAB) which are imported from abroad a card up to 700 thousand tons a year to meet the country's need of nitrogen fertilizers.