Parliamentary Economy: routine administrative killing of investment in Iraq
Last updated 04/17/2017
- 14:10
Economy News Baghdad
announced that the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, on Sunday, that the administrative red tape in the killing of the Iraqi state investment in the country, stressing that the investment law granting facilities to local and foreign investors.
She said a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Najiba Najib's "Economy News", "Economy and Investment Parliamentary Committee, today hosted the Baghdad Investment Authority and discussed with them the challenges facing investors , " adding that "administrative red tape in the Iraqi state kill investment and seek to remove it through cooperation with the government. "
She stressed that " the absence of political will to support the economy and investment behind the delay facing the investor in the country, and the deterioration of the security situation in some provinces impact on the arrival of foreign companies work in the country", stating that " the investment law , as amended , not where there are problems and give all facilities to investors foreign and domestic. "