Abadi instructs to send a delegation to Basra to resolve the problem of privatization of electricity

2017-04-17 at 13:40

Baghdad scales news

The Prime Minister instructed Haidar Abadi, a delegation from the Ministry of electricity to Al Muthanna Province to solve the problem of privatization of electricity.

Muthanna Governor Faleh frozen yogurt/balance of news, "the Prime Minister instructed to send a delegation from the Ministry of electricity to the province over the next week to discuss file transfer gbabeh electricity and maintenance sectors for investment."

Local Government's stance of rejecting this file."MEW lifted, sued the Al Muthanna Governor Faleh frozen yogurt to prevent him entering the Jordanian investor.

The local government source said the iibc/balance of news, "Governor Faleh frozen yogurt Sue MEW at the Administrative Court for transmission maintenance and electricity privatization conservation levy contrary to the aspirations of Muthanna." as far as
He added, that "MEW in turn filed a lawsuit against the Governor to prevent him entering the investor to preserve."It's worth mentioning that the Muthanna Governor ordered security leaders in the province to prevent the entry of Jordanian investor, your provincial Council decision rejecting the privatization of electric power transmission to the investment.

It is said that MEW forwarded the draft energy in a number of provinces to invest walkhssh to be available 24 hours a day by not authorized by Ministry spokesman Musab teacher/news/scales.

A number of residents demonstrated earlier clans wociokh Muthanna Province to reject the privatization of electricity in the province.