Oil gas investment mechanisms develop for the first time in 35 years.

2017-04-17 at 11:41

Baghdad scales news

The oil Ministry announced Monday, their gas program in the southern region as a model of public policy for the Ministry, noting that the program included the construction of three central parks.

The Ministry said in a statement/balance of news/copy, the "mighty oil Minister allaibi put gas investment policy decisions in the southern region as a model of public policy".

She added, "the Minister, select clear achievable goals and mechanisms to avoid any delay in understanding the challenges and achieve the goal of stopping gas flaring in 2021."

It said that "the decisions included the construction of three central parks in stages and scalable to receive gas in Basra 1000 mkomk/mkomk 200 today, Nasiriyah, Missan 400 mkomk by activating and developing the contractual obligations of foreign companies operating in the fields of altftet dry gas production and liquid and condensate production policy."

It showed that "the parks will provide large amounts of dry gas power stations provide raw material for fertilizer and methanol plants, building plans and provide substance ethane quantities for airstream, one of the largest petrochemicals project development opportunities in the country maximize the country's ability to export liquid gas and strengthen the country's role in the global energy market".

The Ministry pointed to "ensure all condensate produced in all fields and to prevent burning or mixed with crude oil export to world markets with competitive prices as an important and vital source of national income.

Confirmed, that "all those basic tenets will fullfill the sustainable development of higher stability in the power industry and support local industry by increasing hours provide electric power and provide a more attractive environment for foreign investment, create opportunities for multiple secondary industries by providing heavy industry base and especially petrochemicals create jobs for national employment up to three thousand jobs during the implementation phase of projects, as well as skills and experience that will move through direct dealing with implementation companies."