Proposal to adopt a strategy to support the integrated economy

17/4/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Hussein Thugb
The situation of the Iraqi economy is not unique in the world and can not be divided in complex to levels can not be found solutions, but there are ways to return the development train to its right, where we can employ the experiences of countries have been able to achieve rapid growth and effective in the world, Does not have the assets of Iraq of the fundamentals of economic advancement. The international economic expert Mohammed Najjar said that Iraq needs quick solutions that can change the shape of the national economy in light of the availability of data of success from natural and human resources to enhance the possibility of achieving the objectives, pointing out that the most prominent solutions to the problem of the national economy is to focus on the development of an important sector such as housing, Which in turn leads to the development of other sectors of the link to the lives of citizens, noting that the availability of good housing leads to demand better education and health services and other advanced things of life and as a result we can develop other sectors and start real development.

Architectural form
Najjar urged the need to find a sophisticated strategy for housing commensurate with Iraq's current capabilities in the absence of central planning of this sector after the distortions caused by the process of fragmentation of homes changed the form of urban, and here must be coordination between the State and the private sector to manage this sector through the party The first is to support the investment process in the housing sector and the private sector is managing this chapter. Here, banks should be encouraged to lend to these projects and to create a real capital cycle that will lead to the withdrawal of funds from the specific project to the other project.

World Bank reports indicate hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq do not find access to the economic process attracts these capital.

Global experiences
He pointed out that the cycle of the dollar around the world revolves around 23 times while inside Iraq continues three cycles Wicktens and this does not serve the capital cycle in this aspect, and here we can benefit from the experiences of the world where the citizen is running an exaggeration does not exhaust and here benefits the country And his personal economy through the adoption of sound mechanisms through the stock exchange or investment companies contributing.

Skilled labor
Al-Najjar added that the development of the housing sector leads to the creation of a major economic movement and provides many job opportunities for skilled and unskilled labor in this sector and in other sectors such as transport, construction materials, repair workshops, retailers and others.

Iraq needs more than 3 million housing units in all provinces, and the need for housing units increases with the increase witnessed in Iraq.

He said: "In the absence of a housing strategy to accommodate the increase in the proportion of the population, which doubles every 26 years, we can employ the experiences of other countries have developed rapidly in this area, such as Singapore and South Korea and the latest Dubai, which has managed over the past ten years to create a major economic force, I started from the urban aspect and housing, so if we want to develop we must choose a specific sector and surround it to promote its joints and preferably housing to provide raw materials and human resources.

Singapore Experience
He pointed out that the housing sector is a wealth and needs a huge amount of manpower and a large guarantees and a fortune for the person who owns the housing unit, and when we stand at the Singapore experience, we find that every citizen has a housing unit is a millionaire, for adoption of housing and urban policy taught in the world because it builds A secure economy where the value is doubled Property.

He stressed that the improvement of the housing axis of the citizen led to the desire to improve the reality of education and then health and social improvement means that it is spending for the national economy and thus achieved a major economic development in Southeast Asia, which has become crowned with trade and economic surplus in the world.
He explained that the successful experience of the Dubai Economic City was launched entirely from urban development, which led to the establishment of industrial industries and service industries including banks, health, education and all these sectors have been linked to housing.