Restore confidence


Economy Uz_ Baghdad:

Yasser mutawalli

Most economists agree that the strength of the economy in any country must be accompanied by the presence of a solid banking sector is able to meet the requirements of development and investment.

This overview was still the most important requirements of international investment companies to initiate the implementation of strategic projects in the country and was one of the obstacles to attracting global investment in Iraq.

It saw the previous stage an accurate diagnosis of this case by economists who are asking them to provide a solid Anvkoa banking sector to meet the requirements of international investment companies.

Today, we see that Iraq has begun steps to reform in order to promote economic productivity and service sectors and in many important joints, but the observer notes that there are slow in achieving reform goals because of the lack of economic reform requirements, including the existence of a qualified banking sector to respond to the reform requirements - according to experts - .

What is the reason behind the lack of such a banking sector?

The main reason behind the absence of such a sector is due to the loss of confidence in banks, whether by the government or the citizen, regardless of the reasons for the lack of confidence, which has become known to everyone, but it requires the restoration of confidence in the banking sector so they can be the possibility of the implementation of economic reforms in the most important aspect of its requirements, but a banking sector is able to provide the implementation of the reform programs of the implementation of sustainable development projects.

Now, after a series of measures taken by the central bank to correct the performance of lagging banks track that, a relatively few, and in response to the banking sector overall to the requirements of the banking reform confidence returned again in this sector, the first step in restoring confidence led to a change of dealing with banks trend pattern the correct.

What is needed now restore citizen confidence in the banking sector so they can be re-treated with discreet banks, perhaps the central bank took the initiative to adopt restore confidence through several measures, including localization of salaries of employees in banks Dmanth and then work on the issue of legislation to ensure deposits of citizens in order to return the money compacta in homes to banks to invest in the implementation of development projects and thus advanced step achieved on the path of economic reforms mortgaged its success to the availability of discreet banking sector and thus can restore the confidence of international banks correspondent of Iraqi banks which is required to attract international companies To rebuild Iraq., Imad Trust of success.