Iraqi army controls the tunnel network «ISIS» in Mosul


Baghdad: «Bay»

The Iraqi federal police command announced on Saturday, killing a leading organization «ISIS», control the network of tunnels fortified against rockets in reviving old Mosul Nineveh. Federal Police Chief Raed Jawdat Shakir group, said in a statement: "our forces killed the terrorist leader (Mahmoud Mahmoud iron rain) following clashes with the «aldwaash» in the old connector».

Cevdet said: «the troops have taken over the tunnel network to organize South ancient city fortified against rocket attacks and heavy bombs, used an alternative headquarters for field leaders».

And in Anbar province, a security official said that the international coalition aircraft bombed «four vehicles to organize «ISIS» in raohe (230 km west of Ramadi), Western Anbar», «bombardment destroyed vehicles and kill all the terrorists there inside.».

In Salahuddin province, a local source said, adding that the air strikes targeted «of «ISIS» in the Western Ocean to almtibigh area on the border between the provinces of Salahuddin, Diyala, killing three of the militants of the Organization».

He said: «additive intended for reception of hackers from Hawija towards almtibigh which departs towards Diyala, across the great container or to areas of Saladin».

In Diyala province, said the Chairman of the Security Committee in the area of Sidon, conservative father Awwad al-rabeei, "two explosive devices exploded near a farming village in the vicinity of Orchard Korma (6 km north of Abu Saida area), went off, killing a farmer and injuring another injured».

Meanwhile, the speaker of Diyala on aldaini, the «specialized security team from Diyala crimes Office, the direct supervision of the Diyala Police Chief Major General Jassem Al-Saadi, during a period of less than 24 hours to edit a veterinarian and a civilian were kidnapped by an armed gang on a road penalty-muqdadiyah, Friday. He added that the security team managed to arrest three of the gang members in the process quality», pointing out that "detainees under investigation in one security centres».

In Baghdad the Baghdad operations command said in a statement, "in the intelligence process, and then follow up and check an Iraqi army force, managed to capture a terrorist belongs to bands «ISIS», had fled Mosul carrying false identity», that «the arrest came after the ambush in the Abu Ghraib».