Hammoudi announces launch of national and popular campaign to support the building and rehabilitation of schools [extended]

2017/4/15 13:04

[In Baghdad]

House of representatives Member Humam Hamoudi Presidency considers the importance of the adoption of the law on the protection of the teacher and the educational service activation code, announcing the launch of a national campaign and popularity to support the construction and rehabilitation of schools, after the failure of the Government on the subject of school buildings.

Hammoudi said in a speech in Baghdad dialogue conference held at educational Parliament today must be tripping our vision for education of four main elements, first set up an educational philosophy, which belong to Iraq and human, and deepen the values of love, tolerance and interdependence, self confidence, and foster a spirit of optimism, dedication and love of science and business, which we hope will translate which will be put through this Conference of ideas and visions ".

"And secondly from our view of its aspirations as sovereign national cause c, you must save the integrity of the political and personal effects, to translate our national identity and embody Iraqi reality in all its diversity and cultural, religious, and historical facts cannot be ignored.

Which could not be achieved without legislation governing foundations and mechanisms of curriculum and authored way, triggers modified or changed. We should also take advantage of the successful experiences of each State in which resemblance to our reality and our diversity and our circumstances, keep sositna.

Hammoudi said "respect the teacher, is a pillar of the entire educational process the sublime message of approaching the task of prophets sent by Allah guidance and Nora and fix for mankind. Unfortunately, the realities of today's teacher doesn't live up to the concept.

He stressed "everyone requires mobilizing efforts and possibilities for rehabilitation of teacher and its prestige and its role in human industry and building, and through the adoption of the law on the protection of the teacher and the educational service activation code, health insurance, and grant additional privileges to improve living conditions such as adequate housing, along with interest in developing his skills and expertise through local and overseas courses.

And the fourth element is the alarming proportion of school buildings where large deficit disaster threatening the future of our children in the shadow of high rates of population growth tremendously, might not find millions of Iraqi children after five years stood classrooms, which threatens our country illiteracy cancer which is the source of the devastation and destruction of any country which is rampant. "

"If we take into consideration the limited State financial resources due to the lower prices of petroleum products and the enormous cost of the war on terror and effects processing that burdened big commitments to Iraq, the inability to keep up with population growth, the expansion of the parallel number of building schools to accommodate new students, must face a national popular initiatives.