Iraqi information Syria border strikes killing prominent bedaash and destroy the headquarters of their {extended}

2017/4/15 18:09

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Directed the Syrian air force strikes targeted the headquarters of ISIS on the border between terrorist gangs of Iraq and Syria based on intelligence information and federal investigations.

According to a statement from military information cell {Euphrates news} today "at the Federal Intelligence and investigation agency information through the Quartet to exchange intelligence Syrian air force sent a series of strikes targeted the headquarters of the ISIS walbokmal gentility terrorist gangs and the village of aldshishah, near the Iraqi border, the biggest sites that prominent leaders from terrorists in Syria from alanghmasiin and walakthameiin suicide bombers."

"The strikes resulted in the destruction of the headquarters of the Shura Council that invoke God ISIS in terrorist gangs Syrian gentility, destroying the headquarters of the Centre for operations management of ISIS gangs terrorist in Abu Kamal, in addition to destroying the headquarters management center of States terrorist Abu Kamal area ISIS gangs.

The statement noted that "strikes also resulted in the destruction of the headquarters of the guerrilla terrorist leadership resides terror ISIS called {Abu Bakr Ibn Habib Hakim} and is of French nationality of an Algerian military official assets of tenderness he worked under former Al Qaeda terrorist gangs and served as military commander in Jan.

"We were also targeted a large gathering of bombers from different nationalities were intending to enter Iraq from outpost {Tel alsavok} border strike resulted in killing many of them in the village of aldshishah".