306 attribute delays the opening of the post port bridges in Anbar


Economy Baghdad:

Minister of planning attributed Salman jumaili, Saturday, delayed the opening of the border post at port with 36 to crash Jordan bridge In Anbar province because of the war with ISIS, asserting that commercial traffic with Jordan will be back in time.

Jumaili said in remarks obtained by the news, "economy", "the Iraqi Government is very interested in the topic of reopening post port with Jordan for the land trade with the Nations of the world which constitute a high percentage of country imports annually.

He explained that "what hinders the opening of the border post at port with Jordan many destroyed bridges by ISIS gang through his control of the Anbar cities since the beginning of 2014 and even edit the Fallujah and Ramadi" months ago, noting that "some 36 bridges devastated by terrorist bands that ISIS cities saw him and him and you need to edit the existing quick time of ISIS gangs."

Predicted jumaili "opening of international road link with Jordan during the upcoming return of nearby commercial activity".

Mentions Jordanian industry Minister Yarub qudah stressed that Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market dropped from 900 million dinars (1.2 billion dollars) in 2014 to about 320 million ($ 451 million) last year, indicating he expected the opening post in the next three months, especially after the signing of the Iraqi authorities finally agreement with a specialized company to secure and protect the international road from the border to Baghdad.