Iraq and Kuwait agree on "integrated plan" for economic cooperation

14/04/2017 11:26 | Number of readings: 97

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Minister of Planning and Minister of Trade Salman Jumaili announced on Friday the development of an integrated plan between Iraq and Kuwait to address the obstacles facing economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, stressing that Iraq does not suffer from economic problems.

"The Iraqi economy is not suffering from economic problems, but it has been affected in the past years by the fluctuations in world oil prices and the political crises that the country is going through, especially the war on the Da'ash organization," Jumaili said in an interview with KUNA.

Al-Jumaili stressed "the importance of his brotherly visit to Kuwait to overcome obstacles to the entry of Kuwaiti companies to invest in his country and find the best possible solutions to this and to increase the volume of trade exchange," noting that "his meeting with the Minister of Trade and Industry and Acting Minister of State for Youth, Khalid Al-Rowdan discussed how to facilitate the flow of goods Food and capital for companies between the two countries and increase the visits of Kuwaiti businessmen and investors. "

Al-Jumaili explained that "the visit resulted in the development of an integrated plan to address the obstacles in the next phase by facilitating the obtaining of visas between the two countries and the possibility of entering goods between the land border as well as facilitating the payment of goods." Kuwait on the stability of the security situation in Iraq, which will reflect positively on the promotion of development between the two countries. "

On the role of the port of Mubarak in the process of promoting development between the two countries, Jumaili said that "the priority of his country includes the focus on Iraqi ports, adding that in the case of not absorb these ports for the movement of exports and imports to serve the national economy and promote it there will be cooperation in the future with Kuwait to benefit from the port of Mubarak Al-Kabeer.