Carlos: buying electricity at a cost of $1 trillion dinars waste of money Basra.

Friday 14 April 2017-12:09

The head of the FSA and follow customizations in Basra Ahmed Al-Sulaiti go to buy electricity at a cost of $1 trillion Iraqi dinar is a waste of money, saying that lack of energy according to the Basra technical authorities does not exceed 100 mikawat and does not need to spend such sums, while there are hundreds of stalled projects stalled for infrastructure needs more of such funds.

Carlos charged in his statement a number of llmrbed as spoilers to exert pressure on certain members and others in Basra Council that the United States hopes to pass this project on which he was a lot of corruption, pointing out that cover the energy needs of the Basra does not require purchase but the completion of the project (pod-pod), which still hang yet though transmission since 2015 and cost 4 billion dinars and a delivery period of just two months, attributing the failure so far of being hurt in the interests of some Without mentioning it.

Financial Oversight Committee Chairman called and follow customizations in Basra Council stakeholders stand on the main reason behind the production of power stations designed to generate 5000 mikawat, less than half the design capacity, calling at the same time to hold managers responsible for those stations.

Carlos also expressed his astonishment the presenting Dow AAC invested energy expansion projects in Basra Governor and which he converted to first Deputy since last power circles called and came up with the idea of expanding electricity while those same circles told the Board they just need to 100 mikawat to cover the energy needs of Basra.

Bader stressed that providing aljomaih expansion project mentioned came after days of having to ship the number of turbines to the province.
The Chairman of the Planning Commission and continue in Basra Mansouri arose earlier llmrbed that the Council would hold a meeting next week with all departments and committees on electrical power supply to areas of the County, to develop an alternative plan to buy energy.