Canada provided more than $2 million for projects to stabilize Iraq


The Canadian Government has provided an additional contribution of $2.2 million us dollars to fund immediate stability UNDP quick yielding projects financed in the liberated areas of terrorist gangs of ISIS.

Lise Grande, said UNDP resident representative in Iraq in a press release today that total Canada contribution so far rose to 6.3 million dollars. "

"And based on the priorities identified by the Government of Iraq and local authorities, help fund immediate stability in quick reforms in public infrastructure, and provides grants to small businesses, and strengthen the capacity of local authorities, and encourage civic participation and community reconciliation, provides temporary employment through public works programmes."

"Hasten to help achieve stability in East Mosul and liberated areas in Nineveh province, with over 200 high-priority projects, we expect further efforts soon. So if we add just west of Mosul, we must expand our work significantly. There are already extensive damage. Canada's contribution comes at just the right time. "

Crystal said brosishn Canadian Embassy charge d'affaires in Iraq "Canada is proud to support the important work of immediate stability Fund to restore basic services in order to help the Iraqi children, women and men to return to their homes in the newly liberated areas as quickly as possible."

And immediate stabilization fund project, which was founded in June/July, 2015, the newly liberated areas in the governorates of Anbar, Salahuddin, Ninevah and Diyala.

There are more than 500 draft completed or being implemented in 22 locations. Since the beginning of the crisis has returned more than 1.6 million people to their homes.