Jubouri: Parliament is continuing to complete its legislation and to request an extension of the legislative term

12/04/2017 17:03:51


Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday called on the political blocs to agree on a roadmap to pass laws during the current legislative term, stressing the keenness of the parliament to complete all legislation and laws and ask for the extension of the legislative term.

A statement of the Jubouri, seen by the "obelisk", "The President of the House of Representatives held a meeting with leaders of political blocs in parliament to discuss the legislative aspects and the completion of laws to vote on them during the next phase," calling on political blocs to "agree on a road map for the adoption of laws Within the current legislative term. "

The statement stressed that "the parliamentary blocs must adhere to the presence of meetings for the purpose of securing a quorum, which ensures the adoption of legislation, especially those that need a two-thirds majority, which is entrusted to the heads of parliamentary blocs to oblige its members to attend meetings and achieve a quorum required ," stressing "the keenness of Parliament to complete all legislation and laws And to request the extension of the legislative chapter, to finish them as these laws are important to the public interest in the country.

Source: obelisk