Kuwait stresses the importance of developing trade with Iraq to strengthen common economy

2017/4/12 15:28

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Trade and Industry Minister Minister of State for Youth Affairs of Kuwait {the Agency} Khaled Rodan, Wednesday, the need to develop bilateral trade with Iraq to strengthen the economy of the two countries, especially in light of falling oil prices.

Rodhan said in a press statement during a meeting with Commerce Minister Minister {agency} Salman jumaili bilateral trade development between Arabic countries promote Arab economic integration is what makes it an economic power kept pace with world economic blocs.

"The meeting discussed several pivotal issues concerning promoting trade side add to find the best possible solution for the development of bilateral economic relations."

"The meeting touched on the importance of concrete steps in the days ahead to promote bilateral trade with Arabic countries, especially Kuwait economic plan aimed at transforming the country financially and commercially focused."

He noted the importance of identifying investment opportunities in the two countries