Jabouri demanding an end to the deterioration of the standard of living of citizens

2017/4/12 11:50


House speaker demanded to put an end to the deterioration of the standard of living of citizens after the high rates of poverty.

He said during his speech at the hearing by the Parliamentary Committee on "the Waqf fight extremism and terrorism," the intellectual and ideological poverty the shortest way to crime and extremism, and unless we put the poor standard of living, we will face a new nightmare that threatens society and wide open for sedition in attracting other numbers of our young people as victims of need and want. "

"It's important to work on a program capable of combating extremism of their origins and this requires greater openness and clarity and boldness in the diagnosis merits that produced the first generation of terrorism after the change in Iraq."

The speaker said "terrorism has caused further successive losses through the years leading to the institution of the State aligned to ditching defense language for fear of him and worrying about the avrzath and stirring, and the first was that Governments and institutions hackneyed initiative in handling errors that caused the environmental industry leading to the growth of terrorism."

He stressed the need to "formulate a clear approach in social justice and consolidating good governance and state citizenship to miss an opportunity with the radicals of his oppressed class of FFAs re falsely guilty to come through again as arcade for a pretext fabricated and pass their sordid and disinterested".

"The principle [social justice] is the foundation upon which you must build community in post-ISIS, a us firm assurance in fortifying the nation from terrorism and future safety valve keeps cohesion and civil peace and supports diversity and stability that we desire and seek him.

"They must reconsider the economic and community development policy and securing decent citizen to barricade the fragile side of the crash before the traps of terrorism and sharks."

Jabouri said he became so important that it is reviewing the communication media and educational at all levels and reread this letter priorities in line with the requirements phase and need the envelope. "

"We need institutions and special schools for educating and deluded, and community reintegration as victims and not criminals and is paramount and necessary, and this requires a clear and serious control, practical action is initiated by now as a proactive step.

"The Iraqi Parliament is ready to examine all ideas concerning this matter and approve the Government's laws and flowing in this direction and support the opportunity to integrate as many victims who have been misguided and terrorist environment in time to attempts to anonymize the organization under pressure of resentment and anger and revenge and revenge sometimes."