Electricity conform Basra gas processing b 960 mkomk

2017-04-12 at 14:24

Baghdad scales news

The electricity Ministry announced Wednesday, Basra gas company agreed on processing "960" mkomk of gas to run power stations that work on gas.

The spokesman said the Ministry, in a statement received teacher Musab/balance of news/copy, "Undersecretary of electricity distribution and transmission functioned for Abdul Hadi, Hamzah, Basra gas company discussed joint cooperation in processing plants produce electric energy national gas product from the company."

The teacher said, "MEW Basra gas company agreed to form a Joint Committee to implement joint camp maintenance at a time, to maintain stability and sustainability and continuity of the work of obstetric stations", agreeing with the Basra gas company to equip the Ministry of electricity (960) mkomk of gas. "

The speaker drew attention to the Basra gas company will increase the quantities of processed gas to MEW in future periods thereby run new obstetric units which will add to the national electricity system productive capacities. "