Opportunities for advancement of the economy in Iraq after the defeat of ISIS

2017/04/12 (00:01 pm)

ISIS has organized a lot of land that was in his possession, but he continues to commit genocide, how could be terminated? And proceed in the opposite direction?

Focusing on the United States and the United Nations plans for the reconstruction of Iraq after the defeat of ISIS primarily on southern and Western areas of the country, and neglecting minorities in northern Iraq, particularly Christians, who still suffer from genocide and not displayed is flag continued discrimination within their countries.

These disadvantaged minorities, including Christians, Turkmens, walaizidion live in northern Iraq for thousands of years. In order to reverse genocide and make this a prosperous areas such as former and earn daily strength again, we need to create a safe area such as those in Kurdistan (1991) and Bosnia (1993).

Compounding the refugee crisis to bona fide efforts by Governments and charities focused exclusively on emergency relief, but quickly turn to disaster when it happens to adults who are able bodied to work and eager to restore the dignity of the spiral plunge into a spiral of depression and despair for their inability to provide a living for their families. For this reason, the United Nations says that habitual residence in a refugee camp continue for 17 years. This is a terrible loss of human life.

However, the establishment of a secure area that can provide security and enhances productivity as happened following the campaigns of genocide in Kurdistan.

The consensus among security experts lies in one thing: they should assemble a coalition of regional forces with training and international assistance to provide security.

But some important thing ignores consensus: Homeland Security-Officer in the corner, and the soldier at the checkpoint-must be indigenous. And I mean protracted discrimination against minorities that Christians in Alqosh or alaizidien in Sinjar would see a member of their group at checkpoints regulating the entry and exit of their towns. Alice is likely to be a guarantee of the future, if people saw that persons of whom can participate in State administrative and security institutions?

That is why we need to have sufficient capacity and emphasizing police training abroad, such as Italy and Denmark, to work on the training of local police forces and act as observers, then the reconstruction process can begin in earnest.

And when that happens, Western businessmen are the best hope to help returnees to make reconstruction a success. Because without bringing life to the economy was prosperous and suffers from ruin now, these communities can never flourish again. so Governments should do all they can to facilitate private sector transactions that will build the economy from the ground up.

Rather than engage the Governments macroeconomic policies that define the general framework of the economy, Governments should identify the origins of microeconomics, including human capacity and capital goods, which can be used by investors and entrepreneurs in productive economy.

For example, there is no government entity is surveying the displaced families to see what I have their functional skills.

And spend a million dinars to the surveys ask people displaced from dimogharavithm, about their past, but there is no information on their skills, which can help an investor in its future work, the foreign aid compound composed of Governments and NGOs-is suffering from a kind of visualization that focuses only on spare people suffering, not on what their suffering.

And that's why it's not useful in business but if they understood the real needs of the oppressed, if you really listen to them, they realize that getting a job is part of restoring their dignity.

If the Government has to count and check the micro-economic assets, the number of teachers and engineers in camps to prepare olives and apples that have not invested because of the genocide, investors can intervene to bridge the gaps, using those assets to create real value and, therefore, make these oppressed communities within sustainable development process again.

This is why the goal is to create communication between businessmen in North America and Europe with business people in northern Iraq.

And use their skills to help Iraqis create supermarkets to sell their products, and the transfer of technology to improve their competitiveness, and training men and guide them and provide them with the experience of foreign businessmen when all that foreign businessmen would realize that their bet was spot on and invest their money making projects grow and provide jobs for their neighbors. There is nothing you can do will help them at the moment.

"Washington Times"