Abbadi: support c BL 20 billion counterterrorism and high electricity capacity by summer.

2017/4/11 20:35

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Prime Minister Haider Abadi on Tuesday to discuss the Cabinet to support your fight against terrorism by 20 billion dinars from the budget.

Ibadi said, during his speech at the Conference following the weekly cabinet meeting today, "terrorism will not exclude anyone and displays each region into danger, uncovered in Iraq a lot of terrorist groups that wanted to blow up in cities", noting that "the bombing in Egypt wants to sign among the people and is the same chart that wants to sign among our people, as well as in Egypt and Libya in Iraq between Shiites, Sunnis, Arabs in response to raise us against another sect face together."

He added, "we are on the right pace and unite citizens and were able to liberate the land, our national constants and saves sensitive curriculum and planning for current and future strategies and prepare for the stability of the liberated areas", stating that "we have an integrated project with limited financial resources to restore basic services to displaced."

And he reiterated that "Iraq policy rises because groats have taken to shut down non-essential government spending and stop the SAG with State bodies and carry the coded political plan," pointing out that "fix" takes deliberate and planned process results on average, relative levels. "

The Prime Minister noted that "the Board meeting back today discussed electricity and we are heading to summer there and good obstetric and successes in decoding bottlenecks as benefited from international companies competent to unpack this bottleneck by manufacturing plants and other plants", but that "it takes more time but we started to have electricity distribution properly and stop wasting electricity by high and dangerous."

He pointed out that "a high percentage of electricity wasted walaikavha we cut causes waste weghna in many areas, and the other thing is that the energy tax act without supervision and collection of waste more than half spent 10% of electricity consumers.

He stressed, "there is no increase in wages of electricity since the beginning of 2016, but happened reduced wages to support industry and Agriculture and cut lists these important projects," adding that "the middle classes and the poor and limited income was substantially observe collection", noting that "talking about new pricing outright lie and a table to satellite tv and a complete lie and made professional and industry announce it."

"The collection includes all and only excluded are displaced, hospitals and schools," he said, adding that "all provinces by levying sundry our stop losses and provide 24-hour electricity", stating "even offer convenient electricity within a 24-hour family balancing without stopping the waste cannot be so we face a real crisis now and study".

Abbadi noted, "will not be laying off staff in the Ministry of electricity, but will use this work and this is part of a partnership with the private sector, as is the case of the highway between Baghdad and Oman we customize option forces and weapons and the reconstruction of the road and the establishment of services and company investor has potential and consequences by road maintenance company.

The Prime Minister spoke to Mosul, saying "to restore stability in Mosul was outsourcing advisory teams by universities and State institutions, in addition to civilian crisis management cell for the reopening of judicial departments and real estate registration in Mosul and accomplish new camps for the displaced, displaced people", adding "as we talked about preventing entry into the camps and hand over security to local police in Nineveh."

Turning the Cabinet by Abadi, to accelerate the implementation of water projects in Basra and quickly brought the assignment to begin implementation and skipping routines, as well as supporting counterterrorism cadres under him not put budget allocations the Cabinet decided his emergency budget allocation over 20 billion dinars, as well as federal police need additional elements.

"Discuss the allocation of sufficient functional scores of appointments in the Ministry of health, as well as the draft of the first amendment to the Iraqi nationality Act was voted on and became a bill submitted to the House of representatives, in addition to the approval of the Ministry of finance to allocate 7 billion dinars from the emergency reserve to a water pumping station supplying electricity to Shatt al-Rumaila in Al Muthanna."

With regard to rising food prices and agricultural crops between Abadi "market surveillance in general we have a measure of inflation, is at its lowest price rise unnoticed and we got a complaint from farmers low prices of agricultural products and we are keen to provide basic goods kalrs and wheat and oil and the price doesn't come down without a limit to that farmer has no margin of profit must provide a balance in the work of farmers."

And the prosecution of corrupt people, "said prosecutions real and Britain ready to cooperate regarding Iraqi money and officials, and have begun an international campaign with several States to pursue other activities, real estate and stocks.

Turning to the recent American delegation visit Abadi to Iraq, adding that "the US delegation led by Chief of staff visited Iraq to support him in his efforts and visit the country's attention from type {Iraq} and a positive message and never discussed creating rules for the international coalition in Iraq and we have no flight rules for the international coalition in Iraq and refused to give any approval to any military base.

He stressed that "the total u.s. forces in Iraq more than 5200 doing air support in coordination with Iraqi authorities, training and logistical support technician to Iraq, the Alliance coalition within three thousand to four thousand French, Italians, Germans, Australians, Brits and Sweden and some States," sana "training for federal and local police coverage every Iraqi rules under Iraqi control."

Regarding the conditions of provincial and territorial differences with the Prime Minister, said, "we ask case {Kirkuk province flag} with the delegation leaders and the Governor of Kirkuk and Kurdish territory, this escalation is not in place and replaced the West hwejeh aldwaash, however, still problems between the components of Kirkuk is wrong", stating that "we have the ambition to resolve disputed areas requiring the cooperation of all and can be resolved in the light of the Constitution it needs heart equation to be agreeing on areas to manage them properly and providing services".