Private banks, decided to set up a local fund to finance projects liberated areas


Economy News / Baghdad ...

I decided to private banks association, set up a local fund to finance large projects and infrastructure in the liberated areas.

The executive director of the Association of Ali Tariq in a press statement, "The Association is working with the Iraqi Central Bank to set up a fund to finance large projects and infrastructure in the liberated areas," he said, adding that "the Central Bank will contribute a large amount with private banks to finance the fund."

He added Tariq, the "Association of the Central Bank aspire to be there loans large development projects financed by private banks, to be there are mechanisms to ensure the right of banks on the one hand and the targeting of real projects on the other hand," noting that "the objective of the establishment of this fund is the development of the impact and effectiveness of large projects and implemented correctly. "

"The dialogue is taking place on the priority of the projects financed by the Fund, stressing the agreement is first on the support of electricity, transport and hospital projects."

Tariq pointed out that "the Central Bank of the face of the special need to open their branches in Salahuddin and Anbar banks and actually got it," explaining that "those banks waiting for the bank guidance regarding the opening of its branches in Mosul after the liberation of the city from the Conception of terrorism."