The imperatives of the development of appropriate economic plans to curb inflation

4/11/2017 0:00

Saad al - Tai
knows that inflation continued to rise in the price level which is tied down the value of money leads to a decline in their purchasing power.

The inflation problem afflicting many countries and an average varies from state to state depending on the strength of its economy and place it suitable to overcome this problem and address the effects of the economy plans national.

Iraq needs in the current situation to speed up the development and implementation of appropriate and thoughtful economic plans carefully in order to reduce the phenomenon of negative inflation, which could be the first of its clauses work to reduce unnecessary spending and directed to the important aspects and to encourage investment in order to create increased employment opportunities and increase revenues of the general budget and diversification.

The plans should include work to promote national industry in various Anuaha and encourage agricultural projects and to provide it with the necessary supplies in order to reduce the excessive import of products that can be produced locally, as Atkhvy important that those plans include working on the provision of national production at competitive prices can be squeezed difference high industrial goods and agricultural products and foreign prices caused by the repercussions of the purchasing reflected on the citizen and the national economy negatively and lead to a worsening of inflation , which in turn feeds itself in a loop constant.

The development of plans to reduce inflation is one of the priorities to be working to accomplish in order to avoid the negative effects caused by inflation as a satisfactory economic phenomenon must work to get rid of them and reduce their impact and its negative consequences in the economy national.

Inflation is a major obstacle to economic development in the country because of its negative effects on the development plans due to price fluctuations and pose an obstacle to the implementation of the development plan , which has already been prepared on estimates contrary to climb in prices resulting from inflation, and inflation leads to the imbalance in terms of equitable distribution of wealth in society, which is an imbalance in favor of the wealthy workers, employees and owners of fixed income account, which consequently leads to increased rich richer and the poor poorer than what has Azbbh negative effects in the level of society Aam.otzhb economic reform programs DVD to activate the financial and monetary policies in the country in order to work to curb inflation, in terms of fiscal policy can work to reduce public spending and increase tax revenues and in terms of monetary policy is to raise the cash reserve and raise interest rates, which leads to activation the economic development process and lead to balancing the price results in getting rid of the problem of inflation.

Maintaining a stable level of prices sponsor the success of economic development plans and produced positive effects in the national economy.

The work to get rid of inflation must be according to the court plan is developed by specialists of economic policies that the agencies responsible for the conduct of the national economy movement cooperate to implement in order to achieve the goals of the plan to eliminate the problem of inflation and the advancement of the national economy.