Economic Court: confirms manipulation of the duration of the validity .. most prominent pictures of fraud in the Iraqi market

11/04/2017 (00:01 pm)

Baghdad / term

Identified the economic court in Baghdad on Monday, places the spread of non - licensed laboratories, confirming that the manipulation on the validity and falsification of labeling and re - packaging, as a whole represents the most prominent images of fraud in the Iraqi market.

Judge economic court, Iyad Muhsin ligature, said in a statement obtained (range) a copy of it, " the Iraqi state doubled its interest in the recent food file, being related to the lives of citizens and affecting his health and physical integrity, in addition to the fact that food corruption , with prejudice to the economy of a state crime and began legislation laws consumer and public health protection. "

He added that" these laws, consumer protection , which counted the crime of trafficking of food corrupt misdemeanor in accordance with Article X , the law , "explaining that" the Iraqi legislature counting dealing with food unfit for human use of economic crime, because they negatively affect in Alaguetsa D national and lead to increased pressure on the health and regulatory institutions and increase their spending and intervention in the door of illegal competition and illegal. "

It acknowledges deputies and specialists in addition to the Ministry of Health, that Iraq " has become open to import corrupt food market without legal accountability," Aazin reasons to "deficiencies in the regulatory implementation of laws in the ministries of health, environment and border ports", as confirmed importers, there are "traders fleeing food from outlets are not subject to censorship for financial differences ", called on citizens to" learn the culture of shopping and follow - up to the date of production and expiry. "

The health control teams now and then announce the seizure and destruction of unfit for human consumption of food, during the inspection campaigns, indicating that the reason for the existence of such items damaged in the shops is the imbalance "in the work of health departments, while shopkeepers checkpoints and concrete barriers bears responsibility for damage Food".

Iraq is linked with neighboring countries through 13 outlets adjoin in addition to five ports and air five outlets freely, and is considered an outlet newborn and Rabia with Syria, and the port Trebil with Jordan, and port Arar with Saudi Arabia, and the executors of Shalamcheh and Mundhiriyah with Iran, and the port of Abraham , which connects Iraq to Turkey, of the main border crossing points.