Combined operations: we're not in a hurry and is only a matter of time and we edit Ayman connector


The joint operation command, confirmed Monday that the military operations on the left coast of the conductor walked carefully to not allow organization of ISIS "terrorist" using civilians as human shields, while noting that "military forces are not in a hurry" and it is only a matter of time to edit the entire coast has been announced.

Command spokesman Brigadier Yahia Messenger in a press interview that "military operations in Mosul Dexter going cautiously for not allowing the Organization of ISIS by using civilians as human shields,"

Pointing out that "the lighthouse but while encircled hunchback everyone knows she's in the midst of the old city of Mosul and is populated and contiguous buildings makes us rely on foot of our effort."

And the time remaining to edit right coast to Mosul, "Messenger said our progressing according to plan and the exact timing and new methods, especially after that use terrorist organization citizens as human shields," but by saying "we're not in a hurry, it is only a matter of time, especially if management began to fall apart, plus the lack of urgency to preserve the citizens and public and private property."

And regarding the displacements, the spokesman for the joint operations command, "when we drain occurs immediately to open safe corridors to the citizens and taking them to safe areas."